5 Seasons

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  • Skid Row

    “Skid Row” is the story of Brian Thomas. Growing up in a loving home, he was introduced to drugs in college. After spiraling into this addiction, he found himself homeless and living on skid row. After encountering a pastor, Brian is now changed and dedicated to Jesus Christ. He is now a young ad...

  • Broken in Bondage

    Episode 2

    “Broken in Bondage” is the story of Rochney and George Katz. From the moment they met; their relationship was toxic. The two became tired of drug addiction and abuse and they felt like there was no way out. After running away from her husband, she encountered the living God. Through her salvation...

  • A Toxic Relationship

    Episode 3

    “Toxic Relationship” features the real life story of Alex and Andre Strydom. On this episode you see a young girl hooked on drugs with her mother. After meeting her boyfriend, they got involved in robbery and prostitution. After finding out she is pregnant, Andre is sent off to prison. She see’s ...

  • Foster Kids

    Episode 4

    “Foster Kids” is based on 3 real life stories of what it's like being in the foster care system. Watch how feeling unloved can lead to a lifestyle of rebellion. Once looking for love and drugs, their life turned around suddenly through the power of Christ. They were once without parents but now a...

  • Left Alone

    Episode 5

    “Left Alone” Features the story of Evelyn and Benny Jaques. Upon meeting each other they both became addicted to Heroin. Committing crimes together, this is the story of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. After being incarcerated Benny encountered the Lord and committed his life. After seeing his tra...

  • Abused

    Episode 6

    “Abused” is the story of Emma Slevin. In a life of escorting and prostitution, there is no feeling of value or dignity. Used to abuse in dating she questioned whether her life had any meaning. Walking into Victory Outreach Manchester, she knew she needed to change. After surrendering her life, sh...

  • Limitless

    Episode 7

    "Limitless” Is the real life story of Willem De Jong. This is the story of a man growing up in a loving christian home and found himself in the streets doing anything to support his heroin addiction. After his father searched for him endlessly on the streets, he was found and brought into a recov...