5 Seasons

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  • Living in Fear

    Episode 1

    “Living in Fear” is the true life story of Jennifer Sanchez. Living with an alcoholic father she faced abuse starting from a young age. Getting out of her household she was introduced to heroin and lost herself. With no light of Hope Jessica’s life turned around after asking God to come into her ...

  • Out of Control

    Episode 2

    “Out of Control” is the true story of Kim Kalinisian. Curious with what the world had to offer, Kim quickly became an addict. Kim was out of her mind when she was kidnapped. With nowhere to run, watch how her life turned around once she encountered the Lord.

  • When Tragedy Strikes

    Episode 3

    “When Tragedy Strikes” is the real life story of Fernando Herrera. After a tragic accident of being crushed between two cars, Fernando’s life was changed forever. Watch how in this story, faith was tested and the only thing to do was trust in God.

  • The Agony of Abortion

    Episode 4

    “The Agony of Abortion” is the real life story of Noor Brar. Raised with middle eastern cultures, she felt pressured to live a life of secrecy. After getting into an abusive relationship, Noor was asked to do the unimaginable. Watch this story of a life filled with guilt and shame become transfor...

  • Caught in Corruption

    Episode 5

    “Caught in Corruption” is the true story of Ruben Palomares. A corrupt cop in Los Angeles was working in the Gang Unit when he let the power get to him. After being sent to prison, there was no fear once he encountered the Lord. Now he is transformed and a man after God’s heart.

  • MMA Monster

    “MMA Monster” is the true story of Nico Hill. After experiencing trauma at a young age, he hid his trauma in his love for MMA. After becoming a successful fighter he found a greater adrenaline. Addicted to drugs he became sick with the life he was living. One day he called out to Christ and promi...

  • Trapped

    Episode 7

    “Trapped” is the story of Lisa Bradford. Abandoned as a child, Lisa never felt like she had a home. From a young age she started running away and soon found herself in abusive relationships. In and out of jail she knew she was living on a thread. After giving her life to Christ she is now a marri...

  • Risky Robberies

    Episode 8

    “Risky Robberies” Is the story of Julius Lee. Living with the thrill for the next high, he did anything for a fix. When a loved one passes, he promises to dedicate his life to Jesus. A moment of prayer set him free from drug addiction forever and his life was completely changed.