6 Seasons

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  • Caged Freedom

    “Caged Freedom” is the story of Art Blajos. When Los Angeles Cultures rise, he finds himself in gangs and eventually the Mexican mafia. Fighting for 5 years the death penalty. A Hitman feared by all, encountered God in a high maximum security and changed his life forever.

  • Affiliated

    Episode 2

    “Affiliated” is the story of a young man named Ezra LaTurco. Growing up, Ezra lived in a broken home & eventually fell into a life of drug addiction & gang violence. His life was headed for destruction when God came to his rescue and changed his life forever.

  • Lost & Loaded

    Episode 3

    “Lost and Loaded” shows the story of Pricilla Olivera. Taken advantage of at a young age led her to a downward spiral of addiction. One day she encountered the presence of God and she was delivered from addiction and healed from a life of pain.

  • Effects of Alcohol on the Family

    Episode 4

    “Effects of Alcohol on the Family” is the story of Constance Hatten. With an alcoholic father she was living in fear. When a friend invited her to church, her life changed forever when she was introduced to Jesus.

  • Stained Innocence

    Episode 5

    “Stained Innocence” shows the stories of 3 people whose innocence was taken from them at a young age. Growing up, the abuse they experienced deeply affected them & they carried the pain into their adult life; tearing down their self esteem, until one day, God gave them back their dignity.

  • Surviving Evil

    Episode 6

    “Surviving Evil” is the story of Yvonne Martinez . She found herself in a dangerous and hopeless lifestyle; living a life of silent fear. Even though the odds for survival were against her from the start, she SURVIVED! Now, today Yvonne is living a life of peace & Victory found only in Jesus.

  • Ladies of the Night

    Episode 7

    “Ladies of the Night” is the story of Marion Young. At a young age, she began to attract the attention of men. This led her down a path that would lead to drug addiction, alcoholism, and prostitution. But one day, her life was radically changed when she came to know Jesus Christ.

  • Mothers of Murdered Children

    Episode 8

    “Mother’s of murdered children” shows the story of 3 families who have experienced sudden loss of their children and overtime found healing in Jesus. After trusting God, they are now walking in peace today.

  • Women Behind Bars

    Episode 9

    “Women behind bars” features the stories of 4 women that were once doing hard time behind prison bars. At one point in their lives, they were addicted to drugs and living violent lives, but one day, everything changed. Jesus came into their lives and set them free.

  • Heroin and Meth

    Episode 10

    “Heroin and Meth” features 4 real life stories of people struggling with methamphetamine abuse. Starting off with a “minor” drug of Marijuana and alcohol, they began to seek a greater high. A downward spiral led them to loss and tragedy. They turned to God to be saved and now they are living set ...

  • On The Other Side of the Bars

    Episode 11

    “On the other side of the Bars” features the stories of 3 mothers of convicted felons. When their children were sentenced to time behind prison bars, these moms had to pay a price as well. Watch the stories of how these families were able to overcome in the midst of tragedy & the pain of losing t...