Treasures Season 5

Treasures Season 5

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Treasures Season 5
  • High Society

    “High Society” is the story of Whitney Crowder. After experiencing trauma at a young age, Whitney decided to fend for herself. Once she started selling herself online, she didn't know how to get out. Watch Whitney overcome the life set out for her by receiving Jesus into her heart.

  • When the Party Stops

    “When the Party Stops” is the story of Cynthia Avila. When a child sees her mother abused and struggling with drug addiction, it's the only life she knows. Running towards the high life she was never satisfied and always craved a greater high. After seeing the miraculous transformation through he...

  • The Emptiness of Escorting

    “The Emptiness of Escorting” is the story of Karla Barber. She thought she had it all together with a career in nursing. After losing her nursing license from alcohol abuse, her life was spiraling downhill. Desperate to catch a break, Karla experienced the miracle working power of
    Jesus Christ an...

  • A Motivated Maniac

    “A Motivated Maniac” is the story of Scott Barber. A drug dealer facing time had no choice but to join a Mexican prison gang. After years of loyalty he suddenly became the target. Saved by grace, Scott Barber knew there was salvation in Jesus Christ.

  • The Dark Side of Depression

    “The Dark Side of Depression” is the story of Alexis Vasquez. Raised in a loving middle class home, everything seemed so perfect. Her parents' broken marriage pushed her to numb all pain with a lifestyle of partying. She was losing her mind the deeper she got into her addiction. After going into ...

  • Haunted by Abortion

    “Haunted by Abortion” is the story of Diana Gallardo. From a young age she became addicted to the power in running the streets and pimping girls. After experiencing a gang rape she decides to do the unthinkable. Tired of a life of misery, she looked to God to be her source of strength. Now she se...

  • A Father's Devestating Decision

    “A Father's Devestating Decision” is the real life story of Eddie Perea. A christian household turned for the worse when Eddie got back into what he thought he turned away forever. His drug addiction turned him into a monster until a life threatening accident happened with his baby. At the mercy ...

  • Violent Lovers

    “Violent Lovers” is the story of Gail Weathers. In this episode you will see a single mother selling drugs then becoming addicted herself. After finding herself in an abusive relationship she attemps suicide and miraculously survives. Now she is living a transformed life as a pastor's wife and ta...

  • The Mule

    "The Mule” is a true story of Jason Armstrong. Watch how Eddie was destined for life behind bars after transporting drugs across america. An unexpected encounter changes his life forever. Now he is a pastor in his church and witnessing God’s glory in his family.

  • All-American Affliction

    “All-American Affliction” is the story of Anthony Brian Hughey. Anthony was a smart kid who did good in school and had free ride scholarships until he lost it all to drug addiction. Drugs took control of his life and he was left homeless panhandling for the next fix. Upon meeting a man in a suit,...