5 Seasons

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  • My Life as a Madame

    Episode 1

    “My Life as a Madame” features the story of Christina Ruiz. She Grew up in a broken home and had a difficult childhood. Christina turned to the streets as a way of escape and began to sell drugs . Overcome with greed, she got involved in the sex business and became a notorious Madam, or “woman pi...

  • My Life As A Gangster

    Episode 2

    “My Life as a Gangster” features the true life story of Rosanna Carrillo. At a young age, she stepped into a world dominated by men and quickly made a name for herself. She was a fearless & dedicated gangster that never matter how dangerous the job or hit. This was her life until o...

  • Biker Gangs

    Episode 3

    “Biker Gangs” takes you into a closer look at the secret world of motorcycle clubs. The biker gang world is filled with drugs, sex, violence, and money. Although television portrays it to believe an exciting world, this lifestyle is extremely dangerous. Many of these club members have gone on to ...

  • A Twisted Life

    Episode 4

    “A Twisted Life” is the story of Sharon and Kenny Duncan. It starts with a young girl infatuated with a pimp. Falling in love, she was pimped out and abused. After getting multiple warrants her life was a disaster. Sharon experienced a miracle in her holding cell and finally saw God's love and gr...

  • Code Red

    Episode 5

    “Code Red” shows women across the world gathering in strategic cities to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. In this evangelistic event, they face violence in the streets after speaking to women involved in prostitution. Take a look into some of the world’s most dangerous cities that are b...

  • The New Face of Heroin

    Episode 6

    “The New Face of Heroin” features the story of Julie Martin O’Toole. Author of Best Selling Book in Ireland entitled “Heroin.”
    Heroin addiction is at an all time high around the world and in Ireland the streets are flooded with heroin addicts. Julie grew up in a good home with a lot of love but a...

  • Gaining Through Loss

    Episode 7

    “Gaining through loss” features the story of Joe Cotinola. Growing up, Joe got caught up in a life of gang violence & drug abuse which led him to spending years behind bars. Soon after his release, he gave his life to Jesus. Yet, during his Christian walk, he encountered heavy loss within his fam...

  • Trapped in the Darkness

    Episode 8

    “Trapped in the Darkness” is the story of Marwanti Pool. Given away as a baby in Indonesia and raised in Amsterdam, she always felt unlovable. She began working in strip clubs and it led her to working in Amsterdams busiest prostitution street known as “The Red Light District”. See how God touche...

  • Wrong Place

    Episode 9

    “Wrong Place” is a true life story of Natasha Baartman. Born in South Africa her only desire was to live for her gang. After having a rape baby, her life was spiralng out of control. Once she surrendered her life to Jesus she was transformed. Now she is going back to the same place she used to sh...

  • Notorious Gangster

    Episode 10

    “Notorious Gangster” Features Tommy Jituboh, a member of one of the most feared British Gangs. Tommy’s life reached a point of no return after becoming addicted to heroin. After receiving devastating news, he was tired of the life he was living. Jesus healed him from his drug addiction and he is ...

  • Behind the Music

    Episode 11

    "Behind the Music" is the story of Greg Yalch.

  • Hopeless & Homeless

    Episode 12

    "Hopeless & Homeless" is the story of David Didia.